Building a new Cattery


Before starting any new project

First you must decide what you would like to build and then find out what the Local planning committee will let you build

How many units  would you like.  Do you have room to incorporate 2ft sneeze gaps or will you use solid  sneeze screens.  

Which material will you use to make the units.


 Does this comply with CIEH  regulations.

All catteries must be licensed by the local authority who will be guided by a publication called The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) Model Licence Conditions & Guidance for Cat Boarding Establishments (1995). However, these guidelines may change when the new Animal Welfare Bill comes into force.

Website: or contact The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH), Chadwick Court, 15 Hatfields, London, SE1 8DJ, Tel: 0207 928 6006.

If you can provide us with the area you intend to use we can advise on the best way to go forward and even draw your plans free of charge.

It is also good idea to visit the FAB Web Site:

And highly recommended that you do an FAB Course

This will provide you with a wealth of information, It would also be an advantage to keep in mind that you would benefit in becoming an F.A.B. approved cattery.











At Pet homes, we can help with your decision making.






Chalets are made of fibre-glass, a none porous material that is easy to clean.

Here are some Pent House Chalets 

(Takes 2 Cats) been made at our factory at Pet homes, they can be produced in any colour inside and out. The pigment is mixed into the gel coats.



 This means never having to repaint. The units in the photograph are in Golden Brown (6372) for the outside and Magnolia (14513*) for the inside.



We also fabricate full height chalets (Takes 2 Cats) for the cats that cannot use the pent house units.

 Also every chalet is fitted with a  Digital Thermostat to keep a check on the chalet temperature ensuring that the cat is comfortable at all times.



As we only rent catterys, there are still options open to you 

If your new build is going to stretch the finances too much. Have you considered building in several stages. Although many cattery installers do not like this idea, our modular units can be installed quite simply and added to at a later date.


Maybe you are unsure if you will be able to make it pay and want to test the market before committing yourself to a full build. It is not a problem to us. At our own cattery Snugglepuss, we only started with five units. We now have fifty.  Once you have your planning permission it usually gives you five years to complete the project. Please check your local planning rules though, as some do vary.


We can build 5 chalets and let you establish your new cattery and as soon as you are confident to increase your capacity then you can order more chalets and  expand as the market increases. This will reduce your initial outlay and enable you to manage your cash flow, according to your level of trade.